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Educational institutions of Andrott island are as follows in hierarchical order.
1. P M Said Calicut University Centre
2. Mahatma Gandhi Senior Secondary School
3. Govt High School
4. Govt girls High School
5. Senior Basic School (pandath)
6. Senior Basic School (Keechery)
7. Junior Basic School (Centre)
8. Junior Basic School (Chemmechery)
9. Junior Basic School (Moola)
10. Junior Basic School (Mechery)

In these educational institutions PMSCUC is functioning here with two branches . MGSSS offers Science group Humanities group and Accountancy. In GHS children study till 10th standard. Both Girls and Boys are studying here. Girls students are given separate school till 10th standard in GGHS as the people promote Islamic culture. Both SB Schools are functioning in two end of the Island. Students are getting their education till 7th standard. JBS (Centre) and JBS (Moola) are functioning exclusively as English Medium Schools. CBSE syllabus is strictly followed here. The remaining two JB Schools are functioning with Malayalam medium till 5th standard. In short there are 10 educational institutions imparting education to the children in this small but biggest island of Lakshadweep.