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  Medical and health Services  

Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kavaratti is situated in ward.No.9 of Kavaratti island. It is near to Secretariat of Lakshadweep Administration. It was established during the year 1972. To begin with, this institution was commenced as a dispensary with one Pharmacist prior to independence. Doctor from mainland used to visit this institution once or twice in a year. Later on, one doctor with a staff nurse was provided to this dispensary. This dispensary was converted in to a Primary Health Centre after the formation of this Union Territory on 01-11-1956 and continued to function as a Primary Health Centre up to the year 1972. In the year 1972, it was upgraded to 10 bedded hospital and to 30 bedded hospital during 1974. This government hospital was named as Indira Gandhi Hospital in the year 1985. During 1986 it was upgraded to 50 bedded hospital and is continuing till date.

At present the hospital is having all the essential facilities as follows.

1. Out Patient Department : - There are six regular General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs) and one Medical Officer on contract basis in the Allopathic section. In addition, one Consultant Physician, one Pathologist, one Eye Specialist, one Surgeon, one Anesthetist and one Paediatrician are available in the hospital. Due to non availability of specialist doctors for regular appointment, the services of specialist doctors on various disciplines are made available in IGH, Kavaratti for a period of 90 days on rotation basis by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi. There are sufficient number of supportive staff as local hands are available to fill up these posts. A well established ophthalmology unit is available in the hospital. In addition there is a Ayurvedic dispensary with Consultant Ayurvedic Physician with supportive staff and Dental wing with one Staff Surgeon, one contract Dental Surgeon with supportive staff attached in the IG Hospital. Pharmacy, dressing room are also available in the OPD wing. Morning and evening OPD and Medical Officer on call duty service during remaining hours is available in the hospital. The bed strength of the hospital is 50 and there are separate maternity, paediatric, female, male and pay wards available. One VIP room is also available. One well established operation theatre is also functioning. Diet to the in-patients are provided as kitchen with gas connection is available in the hospital.

2. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) : - Full fledged ICU with 3 beds is functioning since 24-12-2009 which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble President of India. One cardiac lab with treadmill is also started functioning from that date.

3. Telemedicine : - The hospital can have access with Medical Colleges, District Hospitals, Amirta Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi etc. through telemedicine connectivity for getting expert opinion in any matter.

4. X-ray : - 300 MA X-ray machine and ECG machine are available for the diagnostic support.

5. Electro Cardio Gram (ECG)
ECG machine of specification cardiart 6108 T is available in the hospital for the service of public.

6. Ultra Sound Scanning (USS)
One ultra sound scanning machine is available in the hospital.

7. Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratory is available with the following Bio-chemical, Hematological and Serological tests.

Bio Chemical
1. Semi Auto Analyzer ( Autochem Naxgen)
2. Semi Auto Analyzer (Mispa-Classic)

1. Blood sugar.
2. Ser.Choleostrol
3. Ser.Triglycerides
4. HDL
5. LDL
7. Blood Urea.
8. Ser.Creatinine.
9. Ser.Uric Acid.
10. SGOT
11. SGPT
12. Ser.Alkaline Phosphatase
13. Ser.Billirubin
14. Ser.Protein.
15. GTT
3 Part Haematology Analyzer (NIKON KOHDEN)
1. Blood Hb.
2. RBC.
3. PCV.
4. MCV.
5. MCH
7. WBC (Total)
8. WBC (Differential)
9. Platelet.
10. RDW
11. Peripheral smear study (manual)
Blood Grouping.
Cross matching
Sputum AFB
1. MP
2. MF
3. RA
4. CRP
5. ASO
6. Widal
7. HN
8. HbSAg
9. HCV
10. VDRL
11. Chikungunya
12. TB-lgh,lgm
13. Dengue
10. Urine Analysis.

1. Urine Alb.
2. Urine Sugar.
3. Bile salt.
4. Bile Pigment.
5. Urine microscopy.
6. Pregnancy Test.

Stool (Manual) , OVA Cyst, Occult blood.
Histopathology – FNAC, PAP smear study

Medical Superintendent - Dr.M.K.Mohammed Aslam
Contact Telephone Numbers.

Duty Room - 04896 262327
IGH, Office - 04896 26 2240
Medical Superintendent (Per) – 04896 262794
(Res) - 04896 263515
Fax.No.- 04896 262794
E-mail –